About AERA

We explore, present, and teach the archaeology of the Giza Plateau.


2022 Soccer Field Team

Our Board of Directors and Team Members

For over 30 years we have brought together archaeologists and specialists from around the world to address questions regarding the origin, nature, and development of the Egyptian state. Pictured above are some of the team members from our 2022 excavations in the Soccer Field area of the Lost City.

Find out more about our Board of Directors and the international team of archaeologists and specialists who make our work possible.

Excavations at the MVT

Our Fieldwork Sites

Through rigorous archaeological fieldwork and laboratory science, we explore the emergence of the ancient Egyptian state and document life in the Pyramid Age through archaeological excavations of urban sites at the Giza Plateau and sites across Egypt.

We survey, map, excavate, and analyze archaeological sites, then use this data to reconstruct both the ancient landscape and the everyday lives of the Egyptians who built and administered the Giza pyramids, temples, and the Sphinx.

Field School student learning to draw

Our Training and Field School Programs

Working closely with the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, we train young Egyptian archaeologists in excavation, recording, and analysis of archaeological sites and work to promote cross-cultural and educational exchange. We have now trained 391 students in our field school program and continue to embed this important outreach program within our core research.

AERA publications

Our Data and Publications

We believe that no excavation is complete until the research is made public. We fully archive all of our excavation data, and share our research through academic and popular publications, and the online publication of our data.