Ancient Egypt Research Associates

Des Moines, Iowa – On the heels of the Lost Egypt: Ancient Secrets, Modern Science exhibit opening at the Science Center of Iowa (SCI), AERA Co-Field Director Ana Tavares will visit the Midwestern museum next month as the inaugural guest of its Scientist in Residence program.

Between Wednesday, February 15th and Saturday, February 18th, Ana will take part in a series of events, including:

AERA Co-Field Director Ana Tavares

  • School group lectures – explaining archaeological techniques to students grades K-12
  • Teacher and Member workshops
  • Café Scientifique discussion, Excavating for Information: Uncovering Egypt
  • Behind the Scenes Lost Egypt exhibit tours

The Lost Egypt exhibit showcases some of AERA’s work conducted over the years in Egypt. Ana, who helped develop the exhibit, will lead the behind the scene tours and provide insight into archaeological methods and the materials on display.

On Saturday, February 18th, Ana will also deliver the keynote address for the Girls In Science Event, an initiative by the SCI to help empower girls in science, technology, engineering and math and encourage their pursuit of these careers. The keynote address, as well as the Café Scientifique discussion, are open to the public.

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Lost Egypt: Ancient Secrets, Modern Science, an interactive exhibition presenting science in archaeology, travels to science museums around the United States. Produced by the Center of Science and Industry (COSI) in Columbus, Ohio and built by the Science Museum of Minnesota in cooperation with the Science Museum Exhibit Collaborative, the exhibit conveys how science recovers and reconstructs many “lost” aspects of ancient Egypt life, from the use of geophysical survey in finding sites to facial reconstructions from human skeletons and mummies.

For more information on the Lost Egypt exhibit, visit COSI’s web site or go to