Ancient Egypt Research Associates

Mainz, Germany – AERA Co-Field Director Ana Tavares will be one of several worldwide archaeologists at an upcoming symposium, ‘The Nile. A Natural Landscape and Cultural Landscape’ at Johannes-Gutenberg-Universitaet Mainz. This symposium will take place on February 22-23, pairing archaeologists and geomorphologists to focus on a specific site or area along the Nile River with emphasis on its environmental and cultural impact.

Ana, along with Dr. Judith Bunbury of the University of Cambridge, will focus on the Capital Zone, a narrow stretch of the Nile Valley from the opening of the Fayum to the current apex of the Delta. She delivers her paper, ‘The White Walls – The Landscape of the Capital Zone’ on February 22nd, highlighting Memphite archaeology within the Capital Zone. Dr. Bunbury will lecture on Memphite geomorphology and landscape.

AERA has made previous contributions to further understand the Capital Zone landscape, including two walkabouts (2006 & 2010); German, British, Czech and Egyptian missions working in the Capital Zone gathered for an informal exchange of information. You can read about our 2010 Capital Zone Walkabout in our 2010 Annual Report.

In addition, AERA became fully involved in Memphis archaeology with our Mit Rahina Field School in 2011 (AERAGRAM 12.2), a collaboration with the Egypt Exploration Society.

For a complete outline of the symposium speaking program, click here.