Ancient Egypt Research Associates

The Town and Funerary Complex of Queen Khentkawes
Thursday 6th March at 6 pm
NVIC – Netherlands-Flemish Institute in Cairo
Abstract and details posted on their web site

The town and funerary monument of Queen Khentkawes at Giza were excavated by Selim Hassan in 1932. Ancient Egypt Research Associates (AERA) started salvage work at this site in 2005. Since, we have recorded the entire town and parts of the adjacent Menkaure Valley Temple. We also excavated and reconstructed a priest’s house, to the north of a causeway that leads east from the Queen’s tomb. At the end of the causeway we discovered a series of terraces, corridors and stairs built around a low basin, reminiscent of the Pepy II’s Valley Temple at South Saqqara. Currently we are excavating an imposing building to the east of the basin which seems to be associated with Khafre. A complex picture of landscape, settlement, administration and daily life, in the Old Kingdom, emerges from Giza.

Ana Tavares is Joint -Field Director at AERA. She also co-directs, with Mohsen Kamel, the AERA/ARCE field-schools. She has worked in Egypt since 1987 at Memphis, Saqqara, Giza, Luxor, Valley of the Kings and Aswan. Until 2002 she alternated projects in Egypt with salvage archaeological projects in London, southern France and Beirut. Her main interests are settlement, landscape and daily life.