Ancient Egypt Research Associates

At, we hope to bring Egypt’s ancient capital city alive once more and to share Memphis’ many stories with audiences near and far.

This bilingual English-Arabic website has information for both visitors and researchers about the sites and history of Memphis, from its birth 4900 years ago to the present day.

At you’ll find:

  • a downloadable brochure & guidebook,
  • information for visitors about the museum facilities and the Memphis temples and monuments still visible today, including the colossus of Ramesses II and Egypt’s second largest sphinx,
  • information for researchers including a bibliography, detailed plans made from 2015-2017 survey data, and the location of objects from Memphis now located in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo,
  • field diaries and videos produced by our amazing field school students,
  • information for tour guides to help them better explain Memphis and its important history to tourists,
  • and information about the project itself, including our recording methodology and information about the project’s staff, students and sponsors.

This project is part of our two-year Memphis Site & Community Development (MSCD) project. Special thanks to USAID  for funding the MSCD project, our collaborators at the University of York, and the many Ministry of Antiquities inspectors from across Egypt who made this project such a success!