Ancient Egypt Research Associates

Posted by Dan Jones and Mike House

Time is flying by and we are almost in week four of the field school program. Since arriving at Kom Fahkry, the students have been enthusiastically learning the key aspects of archaeological work. While on site, they have received training in the laying out of a grid from which they can map the archaeological remains. As well as learning how to draw maps to a particular scale, the students have been taught the individual parts of the recording process, such as photography, how to use an automatic level, and how to complete the recording sheets.

Learning to use the automatic level (Photo by Yasser Mahmoud)

Students drawing the visible architectural features (photo Yasser Mahmoud)

After a hot and sweaty day on site the students return to the accommodation at Saqqara and have received afternoon lectures on topics such as the history of Memphis and why Kom Fakhry is an important area for investigation, research on the movement of the Nile, and various aspects of archaeological recording. After the lectures supervisors spend time with their individual groups clarifying what has been taught and helping students with particular queries. Finally, a hearty dinner is served at 7pm after which students have a time to relax. Our work at Kom Fakhry has got off to a fantastic start, the team has bonded together well and our collective efforts are producing invaluable information about the site. Everyone is looking forward to the rest of the season.

Everyone pitching in to get the site clean (photo Yasser Mahmoud)