Ancient Egypt Research Associates

By Virág Pabeschitz (Hungarian archaeologist)

Working in Egypt a stone’s throw from the pyramids? This is a real archaeologist heaven!

My first impression is that the AERA team has done a very professional and important job. This excavation associated with the field-school is a very useful experience for everyone

team_410 The team so far. Photo by Yasser Mahmoud.

We have busy days which start early in the morning, but it’s never too early to start your day in Giza to excavate in one of the most important archaeological sites. Have you ever seen the pyramids early in the morning without tourist? Truly amazing.

It is very heart-warming to see the field school students as they gather around their teacher and soak up the new knowledge in the field and after they put it into practice. I think they will be very successful and professional archaeologists.

survey_410 Survey class on site. Photo by Virag Pabeschitz.

In Hungary we use similar excavation techniques and databases as here but this is a very useful experience for me to work in an international team and meet with other materials, artifacts and conditions. I can learn every day from my professional teammates about lots of topics like flints, GIS, or cultural heritage, etc.

After we finish the work in site we go back to have some lunch in AERA villa. At this point, it should be noted that our chef, Ahmed is brilliant he always surprise us with amazing healthy meals and some funny decorations. It is always a pleasure to get home for this.

ahmed_dinner Ahmed, our cook and the delicious food he prepares. Photos by Virag Pabeschitz.

Every day is special for me because this is what I waited for in my whole life. Real adventures happened to me in my first days when we walked around the Giza Plateau and we admired the pyramids from a less known view. Another memorable moment when we did some survey and we had to climb up to the top of one of the small pyramids or when we set up our equipment in top of the Wall of the Crow. This is a dream job!

gebel_615 Site tour includes going up the desert knoll which overlooks both sites – Kehntakwes/Menakure and the Heit el-Ghurab settlement. View to the north. Photo by Virag Pabeschitz.

It is an incredible experience to work here. Not just because of the circumstances but because of people. I’m very lucky that I know these nice people and I can experience the hospitality of Egyptians.