Ancient Egypt Research Associates

The Egypt Exploration Society will be offering a new lecture by Dr. Claire Malleson, AERA”s Director of Archaeological Science, titled “The economy of “building” the pyramids.” This lecture will offered on January 26th and again on January 28th.

When people ask “how were the pyramids built?” they are usually thinking about the engineering of the construction, not about the phenomenal level of careful planning and logistics that had to be in place in order for the project to even begin to be possible. One critically important aspect that is rarely considered is the provision of food – bread, meat, beer, fish – to the teams involved. This talk will present current research on evidence for the logistics of providing to the “workers” at Giza in the 3rd Millennium BC.

Dr Claire Malleson is Assistant Professor of Archaeology at the American University of Beirut, and Director of Archaeological Science for Ancient Egypt Research Associates. She specializes in the study of ancient Egyptian plant remains, and agriculture.

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Register for January 26th at 6am-7am (ET), 11am-12pm (UK), 1-2pm (Egypt)
Register for January 28th from 12pm-1pm (ET), 5-6pm (UK), 7-8pm (Egypt)