Ancient Egypt Research Associates

By Mahmoud Nour-Eldin Mohammed, Illustration trainee

As usual, we wake up at 5:45 am to prepare ourselves for another working day. After breakfast and tea we got in the microbus on our way to the stores room at Mit-Rahina (Memphis).


But this day is not like any other day because there was a special gust with us in the microbus in the form of a big fan. This fan was to provide us with cool air during our work in the store room.

But sometimes things never go according to plan. When we arrived at the store room the electricity was not working. At first we thought it would be off for only one or two hours, but it seems that the electricity did not like our new guest, the fan; because it stayed off the whole working day.


At 11:30 am there was a surprise. Very Egyptian cups of tea were made not by the modern way, but in the ancient Egyptian way using a Hearth.


At the end of the day, our guest returned with us to the AERA Giza centre without performing its job, because of the electricity. However, we had amazing very Egyptian tea, thanks to our natural style of life. In the end traditional ways are the best but hopefully Mr. Fan will have another chance to do his job soon.