Ancient Egypt Research Associates

by Reham Mahmoud Zaky (Field-School student, Inspector of the Ministry of Antiquities)

In a warm atmosphere, the 10th anniversary of AERA field school was held in the presence of Dr. Mark Lehner, Ana Tavares, and Mohsen Kamel from AERA accompanied by our supervisors, and students. Dr. Zahi Hawass, Mr. Sabry Abdel-Aziz, who witnessed the birth of field school, Dr. Mahmoud Afifi, Mr. Ahmed Ebeid, Mr. Kamal Wahid, Afifi Rohaim, and Mr. Mohammed Yossef from the Ministry of Antiquities also attended.

Mark Lehner with AERA field school student, Mohammed Abd el-Maksoud. Photo by V. Pabeschitz

The party became more lovely with our colleagues from past field schools all over the last 10 years. I have met old friends who had not seen for a while! Especially my dear colleagues from the Giza plateau who received their certificates for 2012 AERA Field school.

We took many photographs with each other to save this memory for ever. Photo by V. Pabeschitz

Dr. Mark said a word about how the field school started in 2005, its objectives and the challenges which faced it. For me, the most interesting part was the presentation photos of school students all over the last 10 years. Egyptian students then, they have become our instructors now, and they are teaching us in different fields: excavation, osteology and pottery. This shows how far AERA was successful in its mission all over the years. I am grateful for the AERA Field School and for becoming a part of this great noble institution.

Current and former AERA staff members, students and instructors all celebrated at the anniversary party. Photo by H. Mokhtar